Instant tea powder

No boiling, No filtering, Directly poured,  100% natural herb extracts, 0 sugar,  0 calories, 0 fat, 0 additives
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More and more people like the Instant tea,  particularly if you prefer cold teas. There is no brewing or steeping involved, just a simple mix of powder and you have your tea right in front of you. You can make iced tea and be ready to go in a matter of minutes!


We can supply you the following tea powder products, and we are trying to constantly add more products !

       ●Eucommia tea powder      ●Vine tea powder

       ●Green tea powder             ●Jasmine tea powder

       ●Oolong tea powder           ●Mulberry tea powder

       ●Black Tea powder              ●Matcha powder

       ●Peach Oolong tea powder 

       ●Osmanthus oolong tea powder

       ●Green grape oolong tea powder

       ●Pomelo jasmine tea powder


Tea flavor, packing size and type, all could make according to customer’s requirements.