The main ingredient of vine tea is dihydromyricetin, and contains a small amount of myricetin. Dihydromyricetin has the effects of expectorant, cough, blood lipid and liver protection. Myricetin has the effects of antibacterial, anticancer, cough, expectorant, diuretic and so on. The role of vine tea in protecting the liver and stomach can promote the excretion of alcohol.
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Main health benefits of Vine tea

●  Prevent throat inflammation

●  Clear heat and detoxify

●  lower blood lipid and blood pressure 

●  Protect liver and stomach

●  Relieving Symptoms of Alcoholism

●  Improve sleep and anti-aging

● Vine tea is Natural antiviral plant, No pollution, No pesticide,No Caffeine

Engshi vine tea is the only vine tea containing selenium in all vine tea. Selenium has strong anti-cancer and enhance immunity effects. In comparison with vine tea from other producing areas, Vine tea has more obvious anti-tumor effects.