In recent years, some well-known health food companies in the United States have launched eucommia health food, and the price is not cheap. on the one hand, because the raw materials need to be imported from China, and on the other hand, because the health and nutrition value of Eucommia ulmoides is in line with the health needs of modern people.  

For example, Natural's Health company's eucommia ulmoides capsule (eucommia ulmoides bark powder. The selling price is RMB 113.4 yuan per bottle.

The HAWAII HAWAII PHARM LLC extract (liquid) is $19.95 per bottle.


The UNIS LLC's alcohol-free liquid extract for $17.95 a bottle.




USTCM's eucommia powder $ 13,94 each bottle, 55g/ bottle



Well-known American enterprises enter Eucommia ulmoides Health Food

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